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Know-term term In Android

Know-term term In Android - In the past, when I started to start blogging, many thoughts disturbed me. I want to have a blog with a nice and interesting look. I am constantly looking for basic tutorials from some web and blogs on the internet. And thankfully, one by one I started to do it, and of course have to go through some confusion process first, but the most important of a blog that is content, yes on the blog Innaz Review we will discuss a lot of information about gadgets that are very in need by you, now we will discuss first about Know-term term In Android please refer to the information we will convey until completion:

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Know-term term In Android

Definition of Terms In Android
Do you know the term is often used in android? When you are in the forum or in your conversations with friends and discuss about the android, the term used a lot and you are obliged to know. Let us share a term often used in android

GER = Android Package, kyk IPA on iPhone (pngguna for iPhone), SIS and SISX on Symbian s60 (I am not really sure, skrg still uses sis extension or not), or JAR on BB (for BB users) and other java based devices . In essence, file2 with the extension. Apk can be used to install the application on android device.

Adb = command in the command bridge for android via pc, if adb shell command includes the extension portion adb .. there are many, like adb push, pull adb, adb install, etc.,Terms adb adb can walk = driver must be installed on the pc sdh, usually in the device manager (windows) will look andoid composite device adb, adb driver from the vendor of the device's usual .. klo nexus, htc magic, dream can use the default usb driver .. . if motorola could milestone of luggage or wear cd motorola software update.
Adb.exe = can be taken from the sdk (android sdk didlm include dah) .. there are tools on the folder, to find out the adb command can function with type 'adb help "
Adb shell logcat = made aware diandroid process happened, really handy when flashing rom experiment.

Augmented Reality = virtual object technology that combines two-dimensional or three-dimensional and in a real three-dimensional environment and then projecting the virtual objects in real time. Unlike virtual reality that completely replaces a reality, but Augmented Reality simply add or complete reality.

Virtual objects that can not display the information received by users with their own senses. This makes it suitable Augmented Reality as a tool to help the perception of and interaction with real world users. The information displayed by virtual objects helps users carry out activities in the real world.
Apps2SD = The process of moving / save the application to the SDcard in addition to the internal memory.
AOSP = Android Open Source Project, This is the code name given for the release of Android google different. Detailed in the following examples may be more obvious. For example, Google released the Android HP NEXUS and use the original ROM developed by google itself. Then Samsung, HTC, LG Android AOSP code and modify earlier suit their purposes. Modifications can be done in the interface and display Samsung TouchWiz example, Sense HTC, Motorola and others motoblurr. CyanogenMod is an example of a custom ROM on the terms of AOSP google code.

Beta = A trial version, which means it IS NOT PERFECT
Boot = The process of turning the handheld.
Bootloader = combined SPL and IPL which became the basis of a device dr.
Bootloader Mode - fastboot load = Power + Camera button, the boot mode, we can install a system image that is / placed in SDcard by pressing the Power button again.

BootLoop = boot device continuously (repeatedly) / bootanimation trapped, unable to get into the OS. Due to improper flashing or there's a file system that does not go well.

Busybox = a toolbox that popular with linux commands like for example: cp, mv, and others. Only be used on the HH who already have administrator privileges or "rooted" Android phone. (As if some form of command)
BW = bandwidth

BWK = bandwidth killer (the term is used when running an application that is online and sucking huge bandwidth usage)
BRICK (ed) = condition stok device could not be recovered, so it can be considered as a brick (brick) which can can use to ngelempar dog (if dbutuhkan) ..

BSOD = Blue screen of death
Cache2SD = The process of moving / save the Cache from ROM to SDCARD.

CIF = Common Intermediate Format, is a standard format resolution photo / video that shows the size of the horizontal and vertical pixels in size.
CIF is derived from:
SQCIF (Sub Quarter CIF) = 128 x 96
QCIF (Quarter CIF) = 176 x 144
CIF = 352 x 288
4CIF (4x CIF) = 704 x 576
16CIF (16x CIF) = 1408 x 1152
DCIF (Double CIF) = 528 x 384
Cupcake (cupcake) = Google's internal code name for the Android OS version 1.5.

= CPU stands for Central Processing Unit or Central Processing Unit. In common, we often refer to it as the processor.
CWM (Clock Work Mod) = default android replacement recovery tool that is used to install costum rom, and have a backup feature, this application originally created by Koush, to set the ROM in the Android phone. Many uses CWW is one of them to backup and restore applications, delete (wipe) the data in the system and the cache (Dalvik). Usually necessary to install the (flashing) the new ROM, run on or off Lagfix of Voodoo kernel and so on.
CM = cyanogen Mod, developers who modify the ROM
Dalvik on Android = special name for the program Java Virtual Machine (VM) that runs the command code of android applications. Each application running on the Dalvik VM and do not affect directly to the Android operating system. If such an application 'corrupted', then only Dalvik VM for applications where it is not working.
Diagnostic Mode = Capture + Power button. boot mode to test (pake the volume buttons to select the item).
Donut (Doughnut) = Google's internal code name for the Android OS version 1.6.
The short Deodexing Deodex = Process is the process of repackaging the ODEX GER in a certain way. This packing will be a file with CLASSES.DEX. By doing DeOdexing, all packets from the previously separate APK united again in the APK file, thereby eliminating the concern that the modified WFA would conflict with a few words laen ODEX.Dengan file, which has DeODEXed ROM, has a package of applications that have been made in one back in the APK file, thus allowing modifications to the APK file such as changing the theme. Since there is no code / location of the application package that is different then the package integrity is maintained.
Download Mode = One process used to do to flash the ROM using the Odin. Press the Volume down + Home + Power until screen 'Download Mode' (yellow) appears. Connect USB cable to the computer and go to Odin. In the Window Odin there will be one box that indicates Odin has identified a cell phone and ready for the flashing process. Images can be viewed below.
Eclair = Google's internal code name for the Android OS version 2.0 and 2.1.

Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 = Format partitions on linux, like FAT32 and NTFS on Windows.
Froyo (Frozen Youghurt - Youghurt frozen) = Google's internal code name for the Android OS vesion 2.2.
Fastboot = Tool which is used for the system image to flash to a handheld computer dr.

Firmware = software built from a digital device, eg mobile phone, PSP etc
Flash = The term is almost the same as the Flash is installed but it's really not the same. The process will transfer the data flash ROM, Kernel, Recovery or packet into the internal ROM firmware in android.

Framework: the base displays the firmware, such as the battery bar, signal bar, notification bar.

Gal *** = Abbreviation of HH samsung Android output, for example: Galmin for Mini Galaxy, Galaxy Gal Note for Note
GUI = Graphical User Interface, application interfaces that are more graphic (image)
GPU = Graphics Processing Unit, a special prossesor for 3D graphics part of the microprocessor. This tool is used in Embedded systems, mobile phones, pribadis computers, workstations, and game consoles. Modern GPUs are very efficient at manipulating computer graphics and parallel structure, making it more effective than the general functions of CPUs in use for many-calculation algorithm. On a personal computer (PC), GPU video card is usually located on or dimotherboard. More than a desktop and notebook computers have integrated GPUs, which are usually far than the one on the video card.
GMS = Google Market Services, where his aplikasi2 download on Android (like the iphone apps store, appworld on BB)
GPS (Global Positioning System) = location determination system based on satellite signals which will produce the information in the form of coordinates, latitude and location on the map. It takes three components in determining the location of the satellites, GPS receiver and hitch-free position.
Honeycomb = Google's internal code name for the Android OS vesion 3.0, the usual dgunakan for tablet
HH (HandHeld) = A mobile equipment, also known as mobile devices, handheld devices, handheld computers, palmtop or simply handheld devices - is a pocket-sized computer equipment, which has a display screen with touch input or a miniature keyboard. For personal digital assistant (PDA) inputs and outputs are combined into a touch screen interface. Smart phone (Smartphone) and PDAs are very popular among the people who need help and comfort of a conventional computer. Enterprise digital assistants can extend the functionality available to business users by offering services such as data retrieval integrated barcode readers, RFID, and Smart Card.
IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol, a protocol to retreive email than POP3.
ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) = Google's internal code name for the Android OS vesion 4.0, OS dlengkapi with lock.apk face.
Install = Install the application on the system.

Jit (just in time) = in a kind of jit android tweaking for CPU and I / O device can work a maximum
Jellybean = Google's internal code name for the Android OS vesion 5.0.

Kernel kernel = function is as a bridge between the Operating System (OS) and hardware. In other words, the kernel serves as a link between cell phone software with Android hardware.Dalam context, the kernel also stores information for the hardware driver. The kernel can therefore be replaced by the flashing Android hardware to improve performance, such as overclocking, maximizing the ability of sound, graphics and others.

Maemo N900 = type of operating system is embedded by Nokia, the OS was one of its Linux distro.
Miley = nickname for Milestone, one of his homemade android Motorola.
NAND: type flash memory used in handheld, the type of flash memory used in That Is the HTC Dream, the term is usually used to replace the term ROM,
Nandroid: utility which makes using that image to create a backup or restore.

The process of copying the NAND Backup = system (which in Android called 'Image'), including information on the Android OS partition. This process does NOT backup the kernel and system recovery.
Normal Mode: turn on the handheld normal way.

Series nokia N900 = 900 (for nokia series can be installed as the android OS from a third party)

N1 / Nexus One = google android based phone first made by HTC
OTA (Over The Air) = Over The Air, a method pengiriminan data, the official update is provided by the provider or directly to the user's mobile phone makers. With this OTA HP you can find out if there are new updates such as: Firmware, Profile, PRL (Profile Roaming List) and Android. OTA update process usually only applies to stock ROM. If you already DIROOT HP recommended DO NOT UPDATE via OTA. Most of the users who already meroot HP reported no such problems: bootloop, hang and even jamming brick. Using that term usually pd activity update (possibly the term lainna download),
Odex = The file systems of Android, the application form of packets with extension APK. APK application package or ODEX file that has a real function is to save storage space. ODEX file is actually a collection of parts of an application in optimizing before the boot process. That way, the file ODEX will accelerate the process of loading the BOOT as part of an existing aplikasi2. On the other hand, the ODEX complicate the process of hacking to GER, because some parts of the APK has been in the extract and are in locations that laen before the execution.

Partitions divide the external memory = Divide the miraculous part.

POP3 = Post Office Protocol 3, one of the protocol TCP / IP port 110 in the interesting email.
Robot ijo = its nickname for android, android as its logo-shaped robot and its green color * CMIIW *
Ratjoen / poison = temptation is spread person to one product.
Root = super user on any OS (in this case Android) and jamming to change the root = the privilage of a normal user to become root.
Recovery Mode = Home + Power button, the boot mode, we can open a shell .. to flash image .. make a Backup and Restore. Signature Call + Menu + Power dr several times to exit this mode,
Resolution = Number of pixels per unit length of the image, the unit used to dng dpi (dot per inch) pixel, 300 dpi unt dcontohkan conversion pixel = 1/300 inches = 1/300 * 2.54 cm = 0.00847 cm
ROM = Read Only Memory, an area of ​​flash memory that can not be "written / filled in", usually used in computer memory (the BIOS) that does not require power to menyimpen data. In mobile (Android), here is the internal ROM memory where the OS (Android) is stored. So the ROM for Android phones to say where / OS capacity and sometimes directly identified with a version of the OS itself. ROM flash process will change the total in the Android OS and Kadan including Kernel and Recovery mode.

Officially (Stock) ROM consists of three components: the OS, Kernel and Recovery, and several integrated applications to run Android. ROM is created not by Google usually called Custom ROM and of course comes from the dimodifikasi.Orang Stock ROM which can include creating a Custom ROM Kernel (Stock or Custom), Recovery (Stock or Custom), depending on the additional applications maker.
RAM = Random access memory, is a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessed in any order that the data is in memory. This is in contrast to sequential memory devices such as magnetic tape, disk and drum, in which the mechanical movement of the storage medium forces the computer to access the data sequentially.
Safe Mode = Menu + Power buttons, handheld boot normally but without the registration with Google, makana aplikasi2 related denganna going to function gk (Map, Gmail account, Market, etc.).
SPL = Secondary Program Loader (wealthy like BIOS - Basic Input Output System), the second part consists of the bootloader.
Screen Capture / SS (Screen Shoot) = term in the android to take pictures / screen shot of the desired third-party applications using the ordinary or the home button and power.
Facilitate the performance of swap = RAM (instead of adding RAM), jd there will be no increase in the benchmark DLLs. In general, the phone is in use with low RAM (eg, RAM 128/256) for it so I can run more app (multitasking) while for the DS RAM 512 of this amount is sufficient to run a multitasking on froyo 2.2 (may not be enough in honeycomp 3.0) tp we still get to use the DS to swap RAM performance becomes lighter (with the assumption can save battery power) the speed class 6 sdcard same can be said with the speed of internal memory, jd, when system using the available swap will not be any lag .

Tweak = a facility (utility) is available on the operating system or process that can optimize the performance of the operating system.

Wipe data / factory reset = same as factory reset

Wipe cache partition = delete the partition on the sdcard
Widget = one application that was more interactive GUI
VGA = Video Graphics Array, isstandard resolution chart (photo / video) later introduced byIBM. VGA standard size is 640 x 480 pixels.
Derivativeof the VGA is:

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