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Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Causes Damage In Android Device

Causes Damage In Android Device - In the past, when I started to start blogging, many thoughts disturbed me. I want to have a blog with a nice and interesting look. I am constantly looking for basic tutorials from some web and blogs on the internet. And thankfully, one by one I started to do it, and of course have to go through some confusion process first, but the most important of a blog that is content, yes on the blog Innaz Review we will discuss a lot of information about gadgets that are very in need by you, now we will discuss first about Causes Damage In Android Device please refer to the information we will convey until completion:

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Causes Damage In Android Device

The phone is now a computer, the computer is now a substitute for a human task.
Computers and humans both have the brain to process orders and keep the information data.
Let alone a computer, the human mind too much stress will lead to not even be a little memory loss, how about a mobile phone?
Moreover, the phone that only has a proccesor and data storage is very limited. Software on your operating system there, without a perfect operating system of a mobile phone that can cause fatal damage to the total dead even, with no operating system as well as a complete human being if his soul but his body will be disturbed, let alone there is no sense of life or thought, whether humans can live ?
Causes damage android phones:
With so many causes and consequences of damage to your phone, move and repair procedures will be very different depending on the cause of the damage.
Usually occurs due to damage to your phone:
A. Software problems
2. corrosion and dirt
3. Collision
4. Damaged components
5. Path-breaking
And a few more things, but that often happens is that five of the above
Due to software problems >>>
Cause of damage:
A. One phone settings
2. Operating system problems
3. Security code
4. User area & Content pack
The phone comes with a setting that can change to change, but if the arrangement does not conform to the rules should be, then the phone can not function properly. The phone is also equipped with a security code which allows to secure your phone from the hands of ignorant, but it is not uncommon even cell phone users themselves forget the belt (not backfire?) Whether the phone was immediately let him go? of course not, do the Reset to Factory default both HH and using a computer that has the special program for mobile software.
As with any smartphone, android also provide flexibility in terms of custom, but if the custom among the android you will have problems.
So if the phone is problematic due to software problems, you need not unpack much less to replace components. Simply re-program the phone alone, and finished with easy problems. You also do not need to fix the software stored on the phone, but you just delete all the firmware and then rewrite the (flashing) using the appropriate firmware. (In this case is caused by softbrick, not hardbrick)
In contrast to other electronic devices, cell phones are an all-digital electronic devices with components that are very small and complex, of course, once the phone is very susceptible to damage, especially mobile phones are electronic devices that mobile digital communications, mobile phone is always carried around by their owners so that consciously or unconsciously the phone could be damaged.
Never mind the phone is impacted or affected by water, usually the phone is always stored where it is important the user feel comfortable, it is often stored in mobile phone pocket / pants, sweat or sweat vapor would be very easy to get into the engine so the engine mobile phones to corrosion. Certainly difficult to avoid the dust, the phone will be disrupted performance when the phone there is dirt inside the machine which allows dirt will interfere with the connectivity between the external and internal components so the phone can not function properly. As a result of environmental factors greatly influence the weather and humidity so that moisture is often the cause of damage to your phone so that the surge resulted in a series of elektronikanya. Machine once the phone is very sensitive to corrosion, so it is possible IC components in the machine or cell phone to be damaged.
70% of mobile working system using computerized systems, software is software that will determine the performance of the phone like a computer. Until now the sophistication of mobile phones continues to grow even sophistication is not balanced with expertise in their use, frequently mobile users work on the phone features without understanding that the program becomes chaotic even broken phones.
Excessive use of mobile phones such as for example in a video game or an application program will cause a very heavy burden for the proccesor phones, making it less damaged cell phone abruptly. 60% of the current damage caused by software problems, even some mobile phones to be totally dead or can not boot when turned on.
As a result of corrosion and dirt >>>
Cause of damage:
A. Surge in electronic circuits
2. Interface Pad can not be connected properly to the mobile component
As mentioned in earlier discussion, that the phone is a highly sensitive electronic equipment against corrosion and dirt, there is little corrosion (light rust) will cause the phone not to function properly. Moreover, the mobile phone into the water, it can be fatal!. You need to understand, even become the main cause of the water content of the corrosion and rust, it is actually when the phone is exposed to water damage will not be dealt with very fatal and will not result in component or IC in a mobile machine is damaged, you should immediately disconnect from the phone to battrey no short circuit occurs (surge) in the mobile machine. Complaints occur frequently mobile phone keypad is not functioning properly, because this part is often the cause of water ingress to the mobile machine.
As a result of collisions >>>
Cause of damage:
A. Mechanical & Electro-mechanic parts damaged
2. Components are not associated with either
3. PWB (board components) bent
The phone consists of various component elements of each menduku
ng of each other, one of them: electronic components and mechanical components. Heavy impact on the mobile phone will usually result in damage to mechanical components, although physically outside of the phone is not visible significant damage, it does little damage electronic components that can not function properly, but you need to remember that does not mean the damage is due to the electronic components that been damaged in a collision, but the electronic component is not working because it is not connected properly. Electronic components on the engine size is very small phones, so it's hard to see with the naked eye damage. When the PWB (engine board) just a little crooked though will be hard pressed to be fixed, you should not continue repairs because of damage resulting from too many lines that have been broken and it is impossible to connect again. You need to remember!, Damaged in a collision cell phone, 100% elektronikanya components are still good, especially on ICnya. So should your mobile phone can be purchased from your customer with a very low price, so that you can use the phone as a cannibal, so you can be a little frugal.
As a result of faulty components >>>
Cause of damage:
1.Adanya shorting or short-circuit on the component
2.Komponen not go as a function
3.Kesalahan on setting
Component is an important element given the android phones consist of multiple components into one, if the component is not running according to its function, then the replacement should be done so as not to cause other components to be damaged as well. For example, if the components of the power regulator on your android dd damaged and you leave it in the power supply to the other components do not match those required this can cause damage to other components
Errors in settings such as for example overclock the excess can also damage the component due to the imposition of the power supply and excess capacity above the capacity of the components. For this you can perform the replacement of components, but there are some things that are not sold freely by the vendor (in this case, the service center is usually recommended that you replace the engine)
Normally dd android who had replaced the engine, even if replaced with a new engine, but the quality is not excellent as the initial condition
As a result of path-breaking >>>
Cause of damage:
1.Board bent
2.Adanya excessive corrosion
3.Selain lines in PWB, flexible cable can also be broken
You can imagine if the roads that have bridges and bridge is broken, as well as your android phone, if the path to the PWB broken, then the android phone you can not walk according to their functions can sometimes even cause death total (dead a total)
If the state board and other components are functioning properly, you can make jumper according to the groove being cut off (my advice is to do testing with a multimeter and see the scheme before making a jumper hardware phones, can also see the normal functioning of the PWB and then do the jumper) If the process jumper wrong, there will be a short or short-circuit, therefore be careful in doing the jumper
If the flexible cable broke do the replacement, because for the jumper cables to flex is not easy, considering the price of flexible cable is relatively cheap compared with the risk of pen-jumperan
You treat the attitudes strongly influence the age of mobile phones. For example, flanking him in the jeans pocket, put it in a bag without gloves, being careless, so dropping it, or accidentally making kecemplung into the water.

Way to charge your phone have also contributed to the health of mobile phone batteries, which eventually led to "comma" in Integrated Circuit Power on phone machines.

To check the health of the phone, you can visit the vendor's authorized service center, or looking for alternative medicine more affordable cost in mobile phone repair center. Only, you must choose a place that repairs have a good reputation, so do not be gullible!

This is it, 10 types of damage to your phone most often (most often it does not mean a major indication) occurs:

A. Integrated Circuit (IC) PowerPower IC is the core of the phone. Minor symptoms of the phone can lead to the most chronic diseases are located in these parts. If you have at this point, your phone between life and death.

Causes damage to the IC Power generally occurs due to the power grid at the time to charge your phone unstable and often fluctuating. This is caused by high voltage electricity. So for those of you who live near high voltage power lines, beware of phone damage during charge.

2. Flexi CableGenerally occurs at or phone clamshell folding. Flexi Cable is a link between mobile phones and LCD engine. If there is damage to these components, the LCD on the phone will blank or die. The reason, phones are often exposed to water and fell.

3. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)Damage to the LCD screen are generally caused by mobile phones that often falls. It is indeed common, but with different levels of damage. If the screen is "comma", to be sure your mobile phone LCD, a great disorder. Like it or not, you should replace it.

4. LightPhone lights not functioning well, it could be because the phone is often exposed to water or moisture. Plastic cell phone holster also has an effect that is rarely opened. Minimal open glove once a week to provide fresh air to your phone.

5. IC PlusIf your phone has numerous features and applications, be careful.Operation menu impatient or wants to damage the phone. For example, after playing games, you immediately press the off button (End Call), or without going through the Exit.This causes the software system that works according to the rules on the phone sulk. Aka IC plus the phone interrupted work patterns.To avoid this, follow the rules of the game on the phone with the diligent reading guidebooks. Be careful when deleting applications on mobile phones. IC Plus can also damage caused by the application explorer on your phone accidentally erased.

6. IC RAMPhones with internal or external memory of the phone are vulnerable to viruses. The indiscriminate use of Bluetooth when you transfer or download data, to be the most risky path.In addition to the virus caused, damage to the IC RAM memory is also caused broken your mobile phone. Memory capacity is not balanced by the amount of data you input. So, pay attention to what extent can the phone memory or the songs.

7. IC Power Amplifier (PA)PA IC performance depends heavily on where you are now using mobile phones. If you are in the building, basement, or was out of town far from the BTS, PA IC performance in the search for the signal will be less than the maximum.Well, if you're not in that condition, but the signal still is not stable, this is a sign of your phone broken IC PA. The cause of the damage was similar, the phone fell, hit the water, so the PA shorted out and burned IC.

8. IC AudioIf the audio functions on the phone was not optimal, so the phone does not ring.This device is on the speaker or buzzer (sound ringtone). Speaker phone does not work when the prisoners legs are not tight or not the speakers attached to the machine.To check, press the speaker and ask someone you call your cell phone. If the speakers still do not read, it's time you should visit repair centers.

9. Keypad and Keytone (for a QWERTY android)Dirt into the keypad between the keypad is the culprit of the damage. If the keypad can still be cleaned up and functioning normally, you do not need to pay service. But if it had entered into the keypad IC soft dirt or water that is often on the keypad, you should fix it immediately.

10. CameraIf the camera is not functioning properly, there are only three possibilities. First, the ad has deceived you (kasian once you cheated: P).Second, the software on your corrupt or damaged. Symptoms are easy. Seemingly perfect image on the screen, light is not bright, or broken images.Third, the hardware on the camera phone has been damaged or not functioning properly

so much information Causes Damage In Android Device

hopefully Causes Damage In Android Device information can provide benefits for you in determining the gadgets that fit your needs in daily life.

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