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Selasa, 29 Desember 2015

Cyber Bullying is Dangerous

Cyber Bullying is Dangerous - In the past, when I started to start blogging, many thoughts disturbed me. I want to have a blog with a nice and interesting look. I am constantly looking for basic tutorials from some web and blogs on the internet. And thankfully, one by one I started to do it, and of course have to go through some confusion process first, but the most important of a blog that is content, yes on the blog Innaz Review we will discuss a lot of information about gadgets that are very in need by you, now we will discuss first about Cyber Bullying is Dangerous please refer to the information we will convey until completion:

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Cyber Bullying is Dangerous

My name is Angela. I am a mother. My son was a victim of cyber bullying for two years. I did everything I could possibly have done to make him feel like he was special. He had a few mental disabilities but I of course loved him anyway, along with everyone else to get the chance to meet who he truly was. My son took his own life due to cyber bullying. Low-life teenagers thought it would be funny to pick on my child for being different and they pushed it too far.

Cyber bullying is not a joke. These teens that my son went to school with were sending him mean messages and threats calling him names and telling him he was worth nothing.  They would post hurtful sayings and pictures all over my son’s social media accounts.  These cyber bullies even made a fake account as a girl and pretended to talk to my poor son as if the girl actually liked him. My son was so happy to have “found” a girl who accepted him for who he truly was, and then a few months later had to find out that it was all a joke.  Online relationships are not safe. 

Recently, one day I was searching ways to make a difference and stop cyber bullying. There were a lot of pages talking about how teachers need to be involved and be nosey and how its all of the parent’s faults and the parents need to be more involved in the child’s lives. Yes, this is true but they didn’t give any ways of how they can actually become more involved.

Then, I came across the Auto Forwardwebsite and an idea clicked into my head. I realized that Auto Forward was a parental monitoring software and thought it would be a great idea to help stop the amount of cyber bullying instances with teens.

If parents are able to be monitoring who their children are talking to and what they are saying over the internet, the amount of cyber bullying will go down.  There are no children that are going to bully another child right in front of their parent’s eyes if they know that their mom or dad would not be okay with it.

With this software, you are even able to recover old or deleted messages on the target phone. There are many awesome features that come along with purchasing the Auto Forward software and I would recommend looking into them.

I have purchased this software and have nothing bad to say about it. I purchased this in order to keep my other child safe so I do not lose him as well.  Keeping your family safe is very important. It is a great feeling knowing that you are able to stop anyone trying to harm your child.  It is not necessary to find a reverse cell phone lookup spy.

Even if the issue is not cyber bullying, and it is something like sending inappropriate images over the internet, you can stop it. You are even allowed to download the software onto a computer that you have in your house to monitor that as well.  The target device does not even show that the software is on it, you can monitor your children without them even knowing your checking up on them sometimes. It will help the world become a less threatening environment than it currently is. 

so much information Cyber Bullying is Dangerous

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