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Rabu, 25 April 2012


AMAZING GOOGLE TRICKS - In the past, when I started to start blogging, many thoughts disturbed me. I want to have a blog with a nice and interesting look. I am constantly looking for basic tutorials from some web and blogs on the internet. And thankfully, one by one I started to do it, and of course have to go through some confusion process first, but the most important of a blog that is content, yes on the blog Innaz Review we will discuss a lot of information about gadgets that are very in need by you, now we will discuss first about AMAZING GOOGLE TRICKS please refer to the information we will convey until completion:

Article Google tips and tricks,

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Everyone knows how powerful google is for getting information from the web. But as powerful as it is, many people don't seem to know some of it's features and capability as a web tool. These features can make your experience on the web a magical one. With the features, you can get exactly what you want from the web without having to wander about. Funny enough, the tricks to these magical experience are supplied by google itself. With these tricks, you can check the time in any country, get books in any format you like, use google to calculate and convert units, and so on.

Let's quickly uncover some of these tricks, they are so many but I'll just mention a few.

    Take for example you need a book to teach you something like how to read musical notes, how to repair a personal computer and so on, and you have no one to borrow from, you can get them from google and download in any format you like (e.g. Pdf, doc, ppt) to read at anytime you like, all you need to do is to type the "filetype:" the format of file you want, be it pdf, doc, ppt and so on. Below is an example, type the following in the google search bar how to repair a computer filetype:pdf and click on the google search button, you'll see that the search results will be a list of books on the title, "how to repair a computer." once you click on the results, you'll be instructed to choose where you want to save or download the file to.

    If you want materials that are authentic, from educational institutions like universities and so on and not just anyhow materials, there's another feature known as the scholarly search. All you need to do is to specify like this how to repair a computer filetype:pdf site:edu the results will still be on the title you specified but will be narrowed to those from educational institutions.


    Yes, you can use the google search engine to get the definition of any word you like by just using the define command in the google search bar, here is an example, define:photosynthesis
    you may be wondering, can't the dictionary I have do that? Of course it may be able to but is there any trick that can fetch the meaning of words like some sms language e.g. "LOL" or abbreviations e.g. "PDF" or jargons e.g. Web 2.0 from the dictionary? But you can get them with this google trick.

    I will post some more of the google stuff very soon, just stay with this for now, and check back as soon as possible for updates.
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