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Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

My Resolution for 2015

My Resolution for 2015 - In the past, when I started to start blogging, many thoughts disturbed me. I want to have a blog with a nice and interesting look. I am constantly looking for basic tutorials from some web and blogs on the internet. And thankfully, one by one I started to do it, and of course have to go through some confusion process first, but the most important of a blog that is content, yes on the blog Innaz Review we will discuss a lot of information about gadgets that are very in need by you, now we will discuss first about My Resolution for 2015 please refer to the information we will convey until completion:

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My Resolution for 2015

So, it's the last day of 2014 and I just remembered I still haven't told you all my resolution for the new year. I have decided that in 2015, I will reignite my passion for travel and put a new life into my travel articles.

This year I wrote on and off. I did go to a lot of places, but I was either too lazy or too tired or just did not have the time to write about my trips. I have planned to block some hours every week in my schedule to fit in exciting travel posts on my travel blog. I want to bring back my passion of travel writing and also do it on the go. I have always wanted to blog while I'm on the train or in a hotel, but I only managed that once this year. I can't blog in transit because I either find the internet too slow or the touchscreen of my cellphone too small and inconvenient.

They say it's easier to keep your resolution if you have a companion nudging you towards your goal. I've screened most of the people I know, and they just don't seem to fit the bill. So, I have turned my attention towards gadgets. And I just may have found my travel companion! :-) Any guesses? Well... here it is:-